The effective valorisation of your research results and the transfer of technology are key factors in the development of any region.

Your inventions provide companies with a future source of competitiveness.
To achieve this, SATT Grand Centre has introduced a project to support and promote technology transfers.

The team at SATT Grand Centre are working to this end and are paying particular attention to the manner in which your activities can be reused in industry, with a focus on ensuring sustainable development in the Auvergne, Centre Val de Loire, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes regions.


Identifying the laboratories and researchers in our region

SATT Grand Centre draws up an inventory of the technical skills and specific expertise present within its partner establishments in order to be able to detect new inventions early on.

Once transformed into innovations, these actively contribute to the economic development of our regions and the competitiveness of our companies.


Raising your awareness of intellectual property rights and technology transfers

Awareness building activities enable you to automatically think of new possibilities for reusing your technology, and to better assess and identify the socio-economic impacts of your research results.


Protecting, managing and promoting intellectual property right

Our qualified intellectual property (IP) department works with IP offices specialising in each field. With your close cooperation, we will draw up the best strategy for protecting your invention, with the goal of optimising its subsequent reuse in the business field.


Identifying results with a high potential for socio-economic valorisation

Our staff are drawn from the worlds of research and business, together comprising a multidisciplinary team able to understand your products and ensure their effective valorisation.

As specialists in assessing the socio-economic potential of a project, they work with recognised experts in the regulatory, technological, marketing and business fields.


Working together to create proofs of concept for your inventions

Our business managers provide effective support during the maturation process:

  • Identifying the commercial product and its market.
  • Defining the stages involved in transforming the results of the research into approved proofs of concept.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights (patents, software, etc.).
  • Drawing up the budget covering the maturation phases of your invention from a technological and business viewpoint.
  • Preparing a potential joint maturation/development programme with a company.

Financing the maturation phases for your projects

SATT Grand Centre can finance all of the maturation stages we have jointly defined.


Transferring the benefit of your inventions to companies through licensing agreements

The product obtained at the end of the maturation phase is proposed in the marketplace.
Our marketing department identifies interested prospects and businesses and undertakes the negotiations necessary to the signature of licensing agreements.


Encouraging the creation of start-ups

The maturation of the project may result in the establishment of a start-up company.
Working closely with the business incubators in each region, SATT Grand Centre provides support for those creating start-ups, from company formation through to the licensing agreements.

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