Evosearch – New «one step » Polysaccharides Synthesis


New «one step» Polysaccharides Synthesis

Polysaccharides are used in several applications for their good surfactant, thickening and emulsifier properties. They are produced by catalytic or enzymatic process that need severals process steps (synthesis, filtering, retreatment…). The new process developped by E4 team of the IC2MP laboratory (University of Poitiers) aspires to solve these problems by synthetize polysaccharides in one step within a dry process.


The invention is based on the use of a non thermal atmospheric plasma that will initiate the sugar polymerization. The sugar, as a monomer, is treated in a specific plasma reactor for a time that could be inferior to 7 minutes. After polymerization, the powder is ready for packaging without the need of a post-treatment for purification. This process is part of a green chemistry approach since no homogeneous/heterogeneous catalysts are needed for the reaction (dry process).



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